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albino animals, all the shoes, alternatives to obscenities, anchors, angela carter, anthea bernadette hall, anthropomorphising, assorted cups and saucers, badgers, being gloriously over-dressed, belle and sebastian, bis, boys-who-look-like-shane-from-the-l-word, cake, cats, cinnamon, cornwall, cuanto le gusto, dolly parton, elvgren, everything smelling of biscuits, fancy hosiery, fevvers, flamingos, foxes, gin, glitter, hefner, jean harlow, ladri di biciclette, language, leobold godlibod the 3rd, looking after britney, millions of starlings, musicals featuring synchronised dancing, nights at the circus, owls, peacocks, peter o'toole, prince, religious iconography, rita hayworth, sequins, silly jewellery, some like it hot, stars, suede, swallows, tea by the gallon, the butterfly club, the l word, tod browning's freaks, under milk wood, wishing for infamy